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How does EdgeRank work

Jun 12 2011 Published by mark under EdgeRank,Facebook

Here is part 2 of my post on edge rank You can read part 1 here

Every edge that is created has 3 components that are important to the algorithm

Number 1 – Affinity Score

If you send your friend a lot of facebook messages and check out their profile often (yeah I’m talking to you facebook stalkers!), then you will have a higher affinity score for that user than you would of someone you don’t engage with.

Number 2 – Weight

The weight of each edge differs for example a comment will have a bigger weight in the edge rank algorithm than a like. And a like is worth more than an impression and so on.

Number 3 – Age

This one is quite simple, the older an edge is the less important it becomes.

Its only when you multiply the 3 factors above and add the edge scores up do you get an objects EdgeRank, and of course the higher the edge rank score is the higher the changes are of the object appearing in a users news feed.

Now here’s where is gets interesting creating an object in the first place is also considered an edge, which allows an object to show up in a users (friends, fans) feed before they have interacted with you.

In a nutshell and a much less confusing way, your object is more likely to show up in a news feed of an user that you have been interacting with recently, which isn’t rocket science. neither is putting a plan in place to ensure you do engage with friends,  fans and customers to ensure your edge rank scores remain high and you gain visibility.

In other, hopefully less confusing words, an Object is more likely to show up in your News Feed if people you know have been interacting with it recently. That really isn’t particularly surprising. Neither is the resulting message to developers: if you want your posts to show up in News Feed, make sure people will actually want to interact with them.

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Jun 12 2011 Published by mark under EdgeRank

What is Edge Rank ?

In a nutshell its SEO but on Facebook, yep that’s right I said Facebook makes sense after all Facebook overtook Google in 2010 as the most visited site on a daily basis. So as we start to search in different ways like using social networks instead of a search engine brands and company’s will start to play a more active role within these networks and leverage as much coverage as possible which is where edge rank comes into to play.

Tech crunch called EdgeRank Facebooks secret sauce and we couldn’t agree more.

It first came to light when too very prominent face book engineers named Ruchi Sanghvi and Ari Steinberg explained for the first time how the secret sauce worked and the maths and logic behind the Facebook news feed, which as we all know is the most important page as its what every user sees first when they login to there account. Its actually the algorithms that decide which content is displayed within your newsfeed that they have called EdgeRank.

You will of noticed that the newsfeed only shows you a tiny proportion of all the stories generated by all your friends, unlike twitter which shows everything in a real time time line, and its because of this that developers, marketeers and business owners are trying to ensure that there apps, and published stories make the leap from the unknown to a users news feed the success of this is solely dictated by EdgeRank

From a birds eye view the maths or formula behind the secret sauce is quite simple to understand, think of it this way. Every thing that is displayed in a users news feed is called an object, and when you see an object in the news feed say a status update and you interact with that object that’s what facebook calls an Edge so status update = object and a action such as a like, comment on this object = Edge

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